Side A opens with Konstantin_k dropping “Elodios”, a twisted stripped-down rhythm flavoured with glitched effects and quirky modulated voices that sets the pace of the VA. Aside from his own musical playground, he collaborated with Little Helpers, 2 Owls Records, Play Groove, Tip Tap Records, Baile Musik, Natural Beat Recordings, Not For Us Records, Whoyostro and Basswalk, to name just a few. The well-known collective Birdsmakingmachine joins this venture with “Visihornes”, adding their distinct sounds to the wax only to amaze. Their presence in the scene is shrouded by mystery, leaving the music to do the talking instead. Here, they dispatch a groovy arrangement infused with mechanical sounds and complex layering.On Side B, local artist Dragosh goes deeper with “Balans”, revealing a driving rhythm built with clockwork percussive elements, reversed notes and subtle dark textures. An established producer and selector, he’s known for his works published by Viva Music, Memoria Recordings, Paragram, Curtea Veche, No Time For Love, Otaku, Leftback and Modvlar Records. Concluding a solid release, we find the head of Deep Tech Records with “Spirits From The Other Side”. Designed with a gloomy atmosphere that rolls with a hypnotic percussion, Duky makes sure this one is a true frequency sweeper.

Various Artists – The First

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